Can you catch gonorrhea and chlamydia through sharing dirty needles?

You can catch A LOT of things from a dirty needle.
yea its the exchange of body fluids
Yes You can! Trust me, This happened to my best friend. He very soon has gonorrhea and chlamydia! I feel so desperate for him to and its all because the dirty needle. Im lucky i didn't procure it.
i believe you can if it was touched by blood of someone that had it consequently you used it without cleaning it
You can catch profusely more than that: you can catch death.
If he have both and they did a standard Gonorrhea and chlamydia it would only find the two bacterias in his penis.

With that anyone said you can't get either surrounded by your penis unless you were septic and the the bacteria enter your bloodstream but that's farfetched

You should however consider that he had put himself at much higher risk for things similar to hep B C and HIV

If you have had unprotected sex after this incident consider getting a sexual form check up as well as recommend the idea to your bf
No - the two diseases you mentioned are not blood bourne and cannot be passed through dirty needles. To acquire these he will have had to enjoy had sex with someone who have them . However , syphilis HIV and hepatitis are so I hope you've been tested for those. If I were you I'd seriously rethink this relationship - he's given you two STDS , which he's picked up from sex near someone else and also put you at high risk of HIV and other blood Bourne illnesses .

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